DIY Snoopy costume

DIY Snoopy costume ~ Life in Random Bits #costume #halloween #diy

I love to make Phee's Halloween costumes. She's had some good ones, but this Snoopy was her favorite I think. If it had fit her, she would have happily worn it again the next year. She even asked about it this year!

I never did write it up the year she wore it, so I thought I'd share it now. It really is easy and it's something that you can take apart and use after Halloween, too. I love the costumes she picks that use regular clothes.

For Snoopy, we used a white zippered beach coverup. Until the week of Halloween, I really have no idea what the Texas weather is going to be like. I decided to go with short sleeves and then we added a white tshirt underneath when it turned out to be a cool night. If you're in cold weather, you could use a white sweatshirt as your base.

To make your DIY Snoopy you need:
  • white pants or leggings
  • white hooded beach coverup or hooded sweatshirt (depends on your weather!)
  • white longsleeve shirt (depending on your weather)
  • black and white felt
  • black and white thread
  • black face paint
Cut out a couple large black spots and two large black ears. Using big stitches, lightly sew the spots onto the coverup/sweatshirt and the ears onto the hood. If you use the big stitches, it's easy to pull them out after the fact and use the base piece later.

Cut out and sew together a small white tail. I stuffed it with a little bit of extra white felt before sewing it to the back of the coverup. Don't skip the tail- it's really cute!

DIY Snoopy costume ~ Life in Random Bits #costume #halloween #diy

Add white leggings/pants and white tennis shoes. Use black face paint to color your little one's nose black.

We had to use a couple white barrettes to keep the hood up on Phee's head. I made the ears a little bit too big for the hood, but it was awfully cute.

DIY Snoopy costume ~ Life in Random Bits #costume #halloween #diy

There you have it. It's really easy to put together, even last minute, and it's cute.

What great DIY costumes have you made?

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Vampires and Pumpkins

I received a box of Halloween goodies from Dollar Tree to create this post. Opinions and ideas are all mine.

We decorated for Halloween a couple weeks ago. Phee's been happily turning on the little votive lights every night in our ceramic decorations. She even took the cutest little ghost and a string of pumpkin lights to her room so she could have some festive decor in there.

We've also been doing a lot of Halloween artwork. I had a stack of foam pumpkins leftover from last year. I had a project in mind, but after drawing faces on a couple, Phee decided to decorate the entire stack, some with stickers, some with drawings, some with more faces. So, we'll save my project for another day. And lots of family and friends will be getting Halloween greetings this year!

I was trying to come up with another project we could work on when I was contacted by Dollar Tree about Halloween decorating. What fun! I got a big box of Halloween goodies and couldn't believe all the fun stuff I had to work with.

First, I made this cute little wreath. It's hanging on the closet door facing our front door so this adorable little vampire is front and center when you walk into the house. I used a wreath form, two rolls of wire edged ribbon, and the vampire to create it. Hot glue the end of one ribbon to the wreath and wrap it around the rest of the form. Fold the end over and hot glue it in place to secure it. To attach the vampire, I used a piece of wire. I wrapped it around the vampire's waist and then poked it into the wreath form on the back side of the wreath. The vampire is securely sitting on the wreath and the wire is hidden- perfect. I topped it off with the second ribbon color and a little spider.

DIY Vampire wreath ~ Life in Random Bits #halloween #vampire #decorations #diy

We've never had a mantle, but I always want to create festive and seasonal decorations after seeing all the pretty projects and displays on Pinterest. It occurred to me this week that our low bookshelf could certainly double as a sort of mantle around the holidays so that I can display some decorations.

I used two different pumpkins, plus googly eyes and a set of spooky black and purple roses as embellishment. First, I used hot glue to affix googly eyes of different sizes to a black glittery pumpkin. I used a wire cutter to separate the spiders and flowers from their stems. I used hot glue again to affix the flowers to the larger orange pumpkin. The flowers were a little crunched up, so I flattened and smoothed them and then used a little bit more hot glue to stick the flowers down.

Once I got them arranged on the bookshelf with our current decorations, I added a few more Dollar Tree touches to complete the effect. The orange and purple pumpkin is my favorite out of this set. I just love the big flowers and the spooky spiders.

What's your favorite Halloween decoration? You can find more fun decorating and entertaining ideas at the Dollar Tree site iLeaveHappy.com.

DIY decorative pumpkins ~ Life in Random Bits #halloween #diy #decorations #pumpkins

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Fiery fall

My mom sent me this gorgeous photo over the weekend. Looks like Ohio has some spectacular fall color this year! Doug and Phee are getting to see the end of the color in New Hampshire this week. Me? I'm in Texas, waiting for a bit of color change, but thoroughly enjoying the cooler temps.

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Apple & cream cheese cinnamon rolls with caramel frosting

Sunday morning, we planned to do some fall gardening. It rained Saturday and when we saw that it had rained a bit more Sunday morning, we were afraid we weren't going to get outside. Luckily, it stopped and we were able to tackle the garden beds that needed to be cleaned out. The summer plants had died off weeks ago. Geniuses that we are, we forgot to keep watering the pots on the patio and lost a handful of herbs we had planted. Ah well. Doug's awesome at growing herbs so the sad ones will bounce back quickly and the new ones will take off shortly.

Anyway, before we hit the garden store, I wanted to make a tasty breakfast for everyone. I'd been kicking around an idea for doctored cinnamon rolls and decided to finally try it out. I'm so glad I did! These rolls were perfect for a cool fall morning. It would have only been better if we'd eaten them out on the patio to enjoy the weather.

Apple & cream cheese cinnamon rolls ~ Life in Random Bits #breakfast #pastry #apples

Apple cream cheese cinnamon rolls

  • 1 package Pillsbury cinnamon rolls with caramel frosting
  • 1/4 honeycrisp apple, very thinly sliced (you could use any apple)
  • cream cheese, room temperature

  1. Unroll one cinnamon roll.
  2. Add some little chunks of cream cheese. It's hard to spread it on the dough, so I just sliced off little bits and laid it along the length of the cinnamon roll.
  3. Add very thinly sliced (seriously, super thin) apples along the length of the cinnamon roll.
  4. Re-roll the cinnamon roll. You may have to crack a couple apple slices, but that's no problem.
  5. Arrange them in the pan according to the package directions.
  6. Bake according to package directions and then spread with the caramel frosting.
  7. Serve warm and gooey with sausage, fruit, and a hot cup of coffee.
Apple & cream cheese cinnamon rolls ~ Life in Random Bits #breakfast #pastry #apples

Apple & cream cheese cinnamon rolls ~ Life in Random Bits #breakfast #pastry #apples

These were so tasty. The cream cheese and apple make them almost decadent. It's a lovely taste of fall for breakfast and I can't wait to make them again with fresh apples from New Hampshire after Doug and Phee are back from vacation.

What's your favorite kind of fall breakfast? Do you go for the sweet rolls and pastries, or do you prefer something a little heartier, like sausage and potatoes?

Apple & cream cheese cinnamon rolls ~ Life in Random Bits #breakfast #pastry #apples

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Favorite Halloween shows & movies

This post contains Amazon Associate links. It doesn't cost you a thing to click or shop through the links, but it does give me a small compensation which I use to help run this blog. Thanks!

We love to have family movie night. We take turns picking movies, though Phee usually has a lot of say in the choice. Phee helps make popcorn in the air popper. We get drinks and napkins and comfy clothes and spread out on the couch. Generally we stop halfway through for a quick bathroom break and so that we can get sweet treats. What's a movie night without chocolate?!

Last week, on a particularly sleepy evening (I miss weekend naps!), Phee and I decided to have a quiet night with a picnic dinner and a movie. We discovered our new favorite thing to watch on Netflix, a new Curious George Halloween movie. It was so much fun! We've watched in a couple more times since then, too.

Phee has lots of favorites for this time of year so I thought I'd put together a little list of Halloween episodes of fun shows along with movies. So much Halloween stuff is too spooky for little ones, or just too cheesy for parent's to sit through. This list is a great compromise for everyone- Halloween themed, but still fun to watch.

Favorite (not scary!) Hallween shows & movies for kids ~ Life in Random Bits #halloween #movies #kids

Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest (streaming on Netflix and Amazon, or check PBS listings)
It's George's first Halloween in the country and he has a festival, costume contest, and local legend to deal with.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (streaming on Amazon)
A classic! You can't ever go wrong with Snoopy's antics.

Clifford's Puppy Days: The Scary Puppy / Things That Go Bump (streaming on Netflix)
I think Clifford is cute, but this is perhaps a bit for the youngest kids.

Jake & the Never Land Pirates (streaming on Netflix and Amazon)
Both season 1 and 2 on Netflix have Halloween themed episodes, Night of the Golden Pirate Pumpkin / Trick or Treasure! and Tricks, Treats and Treasure! / Season of the Sea Witch. We've been watching these on Netflix since the beginning of October!

Peg + Cat (streaming on Netflix)
We love Peg! In fact, Phee is actually going to be Peg for Halloween and I'm going to be Cat. Definitely check out this show- catchy songs, funny jokes, and math. You can't go wrong! The Halloween episode is The Parade Problem / The Halloween Problem. 

Super Why! (streaming on Netflix and Amazon)
The Halloween episode, The Ghost Who Was Afraid of Halloween, is about Pig being afraid to go trick-or-treating with is friends.  

Certainly not an exhaustive list, but it's our list of favorites. These are great shows that Phee loves to watch. She enjoys watching things for the season and I love knowing that she's going to have Halloween fun without anything being too scary. 

Want to find out what Halloween movies, shows, and specials are on TV this week? Check the TV Guide listings and search for Halloween- there are so many different themed shows!

What are your kids' favorite Halloween shows and movies? What about you? 

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